Environmental Credit Scoring System

We are a society largely measured by metrics. In the business community metrics are used to track financial earnings and growth. Nations use metrics to track economic indicators. There are all kinds of metrics – social metrics, health metrics, education metrics, consumer metrics – the list goes on!

There are also accountability metrics – for instance your credit score is an important measurement of how competent and trustworthy you are when it comes to honoring your financial obligations. HIPAA metrics monitor healthcare organizations to ensure that the privacy of a patient’s records is never compromised! Why can’t there be an Environmental Credit Scoring System that measures an individual, business, or organization in terms of how invested they are in protecting the environment?

We recently launched a new nonprofit organization, Environmental Credit Score Foundation, based in Lewes, Delaware, U.S. A patent-pending system and methods assign a numerical score indicating a company or individual’s ‘environmental creditworthiness’ according to their actions and efforts in regard to environmental activities. It is a smart and practical way to make the protection of the environment ‘Everyone’s Business.’

With your support, this environmental credit score will be nationally recognized, accepted and used much like universities use community service involvement as one of the factors in making admission, scholarship and award decisions. A standardized environmental credit score can also be used in making many other decisions, such as those related to employment, landlord-tenant relations, and institutional policy.


Your tax-deductible donation will help Environmental Credit Score Foundation hire developers so that we can expedite the official launch of the environmental credit scoring system. Because of your support, one day we will be able to say, ‘Volunteering for environmental protection is no longer necessary, because it is now everybody’s business!’ With your help, there will soon be an environmental credit score that reflects the environmental footprint of any individual, business, organization or entity.

Businesses, educational institutions, and government agencies, along with rideshare, recycling and green technology companies are among our potential partners. By providing environmentally-friendly services and products and organizing or sponsoring environmentally-based activities, they will be able to promote themselves as conscientious stewards of the environment to the public.

We are confident that this project will inspire a global movement toward working together across all boundaries to preserve our planet! We are counting on you to make this possible! Consider it your opportunity to invest in the future of our planet. Please donate today and share this with your family, friends, colleagues and social media contacts.


Thank you!